Why thejas?

Why thejas?

Adhering to the principles and values of our golden past and upholding the past glory of world renowned Kerala architecture, 200 years old Nalukettu, Arappura and Pathayappura are rec-constructed here on the laps of tranquilized misty Wayanad.

The cottages are built new with very old Timber, Bamboo and the like eco-friendly natural Without disturbing the ecological balance, echoing all reminiscences, we recreate the nostalgia of Keralites to its perfection

Our Oottupura is destined to offer you the childhood's most-comforting food memories, the culinary expertise of our mothers and grandmothers and preserves the fading Kerala cuisine and bygone recipes. We use natural organic vegetables only.

Thejas is not only a resort to relax, but also an attempt to preserve our heritage and to honour our traditions. It is really a great dedication to the accomplishments of our ancestors and at the same time, an obligation and commitment to the future generation.


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